Montenegro: Jewel of the Adriatic

Thank you for visiting our website dedicated to the exciting and informative documentary "Montenegro: Jewel of the Adriatic". This film discusses Montenegro's beauty and natural wealth, as well as its business and economic importance to the Western Balkans. Not only does this production have the largest collection of stunning photography of Montenegro available anywhere on the Internet today, but also has over 21 important business and government leaders explaining many of the reasons why American businesses should be conducting business in Montenegro and using it as a "gateway" to the Western Balkans.

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Montenegro is one of the newest and most beautiful countries in the world.

International businesses are beginning to take notice that it is becoming a business and economic “gateway” for the Western Balkans and, therefore, provides access to a potential consumer base of approximately 24 million people.

This presentation is a “first” for United States and Montenegro business and economic relations. This entertaining and informative documentary explains many of the numerous opportunities American businesses should be interested in exploring in Montenegro as well as the rest of the Western Balkans. This program provides a deeper understanding of this fascinating country and people, and captures the thoughts and impressions of senior government and private business leaders doing business in Montenegro. Unique perspectives about the numerous business opportunities available to American businesses in Montenegro are offered in this presentation as well as an accurate descriptions of this beautiful country’s important role in the Western Balkans.

Additionally, this presentation highlights as worthy examples the activities of both the State of Maryland and the State of Maine in developing Montenegro as a logical and desirable business destination for businesses from those states. These examples should show all American businesses that Montenegro is important to future trade and commerce in the entire region.

Montenegro is America’s “gateway” to the Western Balkans.