Now Is The Time To Invest In Montenegro

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American companies should seriously consider doing business in Montenegro and using it as a "gateway" to the rest of the Western Balkans. Montenegro and the rest of the Western Balkans have numerous business opportunities for American businesses. Montenegro has free trade agreements with its neighboring countries and offers access to over 24 million potential consumers. Opportunities like these don't last forever...

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Simply put, American companies should seriously consider doing business in Montenegro and using it as a gateway to the rest of the Balkans. Montenegro is one of the newest and most beautiful countries in the world. It is a country with numerous business opportunities for American businesses, and with free trade agreements with its neighboring countries – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania - Montenegro provides American businesses regional access to approximately 24 million potential consumers. Business opportunities such as these come once in a lifetime.

Let’s conclude this program with some hopeful statements about the bright future of Montenegro and thank you for your time.

Ambassador Vlahovic:
I’m proud to be an American friend here as the first or second Montenegrin Ambassador to this country and that I’m glad that this very initiative – the U.S – Montenegro Business Council and all the initiatives and ideas which are going to emerge from this kind of activity and this kind of communication – that there is a small ingredient in the whole activity which is called the Montenegrin Embassy to Washington. Thank you.

Gorgen Abrami:
This young government of Montenegro has done a tremendous and great job, and we are moving in the direction. The challenges that we experience is basically like anywhere else, you know.

Robert McKinney:
I think it is a market that is pretty much untapped by a lot of American businesses and I would say the reverse is true that a lot of Montenegrin businesses and frankly Balkan businesses – Balkan region businesses – probably aren’t doing as much in the United States as there is potential to do.

Robert Walker:
They don’t have a currency that is not transferable. They have the Euro. Everything is based on Euros. Priced on Euros. And that is certainly and advantage for them to start with. As they build their banking system and credit system and the laws that govern the ownership of property and property rights, and so on, I think all of these will make that country even more appealing and more attractive. It certainly is a beautiful country. They have a lot of wonderful assets. It should be a wonderful sight for tourism and developing that industry, and the roads and the hotels, and all the infrastructure associated with that industry would I think be a tremendous shot in the arm for their economy. They know that. That is the good news. They realize that. It is just going to take some effort and focus and developing a good plan to attract partners and investors from Maryland, the United States, and around the world.

Warren Hartenstine:
The intensity, the sincerity, the commitment levels are really very impressive. The newness of their feeling of strength in a very old country with a very long and very significant history is really refreshing and is its exciting and it makes you want to be a part of it. I think that is really a profound asset that the Montenegrins bring to us. It is very inspirational frankly.

Petar Ivanovic:
I would like to welcome all potential US investors and I would like to send a very brief message that they can feel safe and that there are no any other events that are going around Montenegro that could block them from coming and seeing and witnessing what is really going on. Also, I think that the country is in the right stage at the moment of its own economic development, and it is an excellent opportunity to work together. You may be surprised that investors from over 86 countries are doing business in Montenegro and that our intention is to remain open; however, all of these opportunities will not be there forever. So I think it is the proper time and I would really like to welcome every investor from the United States who would be interested in doing business in Montenegro to come and pay us a visit and if the business is interesting enough then to conduct the business. I wish good luck to all of them.

Charles Dillon:
Montenegro, in my opinion, is the gateway to the Western Balkans. It is surrounded by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. Through Montenegro you can have access to those surrounding countries. There are free trade agreements in place and there are over 24 million potential consumers.

Stuart Jones:
Well, I hope you got the message. The United States is delighted about the progress that Montenegro has made in the last several years in developing as a state, as developing as a democracy, and developing as a country that is committed to prosperity and peace and stability for its own people. And in that regard Montenegro is an important partner for the United States and the Western Balkans, and also represents terrific opportunities for American firms who are looking for new venues.